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Moroccan salon

Moroccan salon

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Middle eastern sofa

New arrival: Moroccan mosharabia couch, great workmanship, great design, artistic mosharabia wood word. This couch/ sofa will distinguish your home decor from anyother, will give warmth & a unique touch to any place. Great fabric.
This couch comes with : Moshrabia arms on both sides( look at the picture below ) with no back
    • Two pillows 30" by 19"
    • Two fringe pillows 27" by 14"
  • Moshrabia wooden bench measures 79" x 27" 1/2" x 29"
  • The matress measures 71" x  11" x 28" ( matress is shorter than the bench 4" to avoind mosharabia work from breakage)
  • Only one set left in stock ( Fabric might not be available anymore )
  • Special order item please call 727-251-4803

    Fabric option: this fabric on this sofa is discontinued
    Please choose from our fabric swatches

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