Moroccan lanterns
Moroccan lamps are not mass production items, Our  moroccan moorish lighting selection consists of clear glass lanterns to moorish stained glass hanging chandeliers,  Moroccan chandeliers are an excellent way to bring an exotic touch to an outdoor patio or front door entry with its bronze finish and emerald stained glass. Also ideal for any room in your home. All our lamps & lanterns are made by master artisans. Exotic rustic metal hanging chandeliers made in the souk of Marrakesh. All handmade and hand hammered. These unique hanging lamps will give a special tone and ambiance to any room. Only when lit in a darkened room can their beauty be truly appreciated. Light filters through intricate cutwork patterns and colored glass, and creates a beautiful "starry" canopy. There is no imitation or second choice in our selection, no cheap quality. Your money back guaranteed if not satisfied. We do not provide light fixture with any of our lanterns or lamps.  

**Lanterns & Lamps New arrivals**

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Moroccan treya lantern
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Nejma chandelier
Nejma chandelier
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Nejma large chandelier
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Palacio lantern
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Raya sconce
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Red jewel lantern
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Soleil rouge
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Unique Ideas for Outdoor Lighting - Moroccan lanterns

Not just for practicality, but for safety, security, ambience and atmosphere, outdoor lighting offers so much to any landscape, patio or outdoor room. There are many types of outdoor lights available and thousands of possible styles. Let's look at a few options for unique outdoor lighting ideas
Whether its around pathways, along driveways, by steps or by entrances, LED lights have many uses when it comes to lighting up the outdoors. In addition, there are now many options for LED lights that are powered by solar panels. These solar powered LED lights can be used in places around your home where electricity would be either too expensive or difficult to use or install. Not to mention that by using solar powered lights, you save a ton of money. Solar powered lights are also a very eco-friendly choice.
Moroccan style lanterns and candle lanterns are a great and unique option for outdoor lighting on patios and in pool areas. They provide beauty, atmosphere and ambience. There's a wide variety of choices, including many styles and colors.
They may seem a bit primitive, but they do their job. Torches are great for backyard parties, luaus, barbeques, pool parties and other backyard festivities.
There's many types of underwater lights available for your pool, pond, water feature, even for wells. These are great for safety and also give off a nice ambience.
These are lights that are hidden under steps and actually light up the step. This is excellent for safety, especially if you have nighttime gatherings in your backyard often. There's also deck lights that light up certain areas of your deck, including the steps and rails for better safety, and these are also great options.
These are another type of lantern, that are basically for the sides of walkways but mainly for entrances. The light is set on top of a post, often with a roof on top of it, so the light is diffused somewhat. These are great for adding an Asian flair to your outdoor areas.
These are basically table lamps that are weatherproofed so that they can withstand weather and the elements. Available in many styles and colors, but the most popular type would be in bronze or stainless steel.
Lastly, flood lights are a pretty standard options for lighting up part of your home's exterior, the landscaping, certain trees or plants or your entire home. Flood lights are great for accenting whatever part of your home you want to show off.