Moroccan furniture

Moroccan Furniture | Moorish furniture | Middle eastern furniture

An exquisite selection of endless moroccan furniture from hand painted buffets & dressers to carved cedar tables & armoires. Amazing interior design of middle eastern furniture  & eclectic moorish furniture pieces made with quality in mind, used in the finest homes creating a mystical effect, check out the" casa california" home decor book.  From classic carved pieces of moroccan silver metal furnishings to amazing hand painted ceiling panels, exquisite moroccan doors, colorful arabian furniture & old world ethnic furnishing.  Welcome to our fine collection of many different styles of moroccan decor. We are located in Clearwater, Florida

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Handcarved cedar armoire
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Tuareg tribal
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Fayrouz armoire
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Nativa chair
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Palace chair
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Constantina armoire
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Riad armoire library
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Star painted table
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Cedar armoire
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